Tour this gorgeous modern rustic barn in rural Connecticut


Marrying old with a modern aesthetic, a barn that previous owners had bought and deconstructed, has been moved from Canada to Connecticut, and then converted into this modern rustic barn house. This picturesque historic barn is located on an expansive estate in rural Connecticut, receiving a top to bottom renovation by New York based architecture firm Russell Groves, to provide the necessary modern amenities.

The original, naturally distressed, wood beams and wide-plank flooring were carefully resorted, then offset by an eclectic combination of custom and vintage furniture, patina finishes and heavily textured fabrics. Combined with refined detailing, extensive cabinetry and state of the art audio-visual systems, the result is a rustic, yet glamorous and comfortable, setting for family, friends and household pets. There is also added drama with some double-height ceilings created within the spaces.



The project also entailed the design of the exterior grounds, including the pool area and guesthouse, custom-designed to blend with the inherent beauty of the pastoral setting – the lush greenery and rolling hills gently descending towards a bucolic, meandering stream.



The steel fireplace surround was finished with an oxidizing process that darkened the metal, giving it “a lovely patina — coppery in some places and jet black in others,” says architect Russell Groves.


Cushions in olive and fern green add a subtle punch of color to the oatmeal-hued contemporary sofa, keeping the setting subdued and the focus on the artwork on the wall.


The Shaker-like simplicity of the kitchen was preserved by keeping material variations to a minimum and by using a beadboard cabinetry painted a soft grey green. On two walls, a mosaic marble backsplash extends to the ceiling. The countertops along the walls are zinc, while the island is topped with Caesarstone.

Rough-hewn floors and beams and the rustic flagstone fireplace are balanced by the simple linear dining table.


 The Shaker style furniture was made by a local workshop; the bed was further streamlined by ebonizing it for a darker appearance, giving it a modern edge. Open shelving offers plenty of storage and display space.


The custom tub’s modern silhouette adds a sculptural touch to the ensuite.



The mix of traditional and contemporary elements extends to the decor in this guest house. Here the living room boasts the same mellow, natural tones and contemporary furniture as in the main house. The tree graphic on the throw cushion echoes in the wooded area beyond.


Photos: Eric Piasecki


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This is beautiful and so natural, awesome images thanks for sharing them


What does it cost to heat a barn?

Brandi @ FLip Flop Mama

That is absolutely BEAUTIFUL!

fajas colombianas

If this is still considered a barn, then I’d love to live in one.


I love antique houses, but I don’t get this one.
Seems like a TON of money to spend for something that really looks disjointed to me.
This person has too much money to throw away, and not much taste, if you ask me…
Expensive, yes, but seems like they just wanted to get into a magazine or something.
Pick a style!


I agree. Much of the decor makes little sense, like the new take on the disco ball for instance looks way out of place. I’m of the feeling that with structures like barns the best way to decorate is to keep to the same styling throughout or at least smooth the space transitions.

Just love this style ..mix of old and new and lots of space….


I think it’s perfect in every way! Who cares how much they spent. Obviously $ is not an option. It’s unique, fresh and unexpected. Love the combo of old wore post and beam with clean line modern. It’s not matchy match and leaves me wondering what’s around the next corner. Think outside the box! Would love to see a floor plan!

This is stunning!!

overdone = perfect, rare to see, very good work by the author, thanks for the suggestion.

Roscoe Jackson

I love the natural wood in the ceilings and the wide planks on the floors as well. Overall A+ design.

first autumn

To a city girl like myself this is awesome.

I love the photos! I have always loved the pairing of rustic with romantic! Gorgeous!

beautiful interior decoration


a lot of EXTRA pieces that I would eliminate; cool space but feels over stuffed with accessories.

I LOVE it, every single corner! My favor Rough-hewn floors and beams and the rustic flagstone fireplace!!! Authentic. Again, LOVE it.

What’s not to like ? Its done in good taste. SOLD :D


This is the nicest barn I have ever seen! It is amazing how some of the “contemporary flare” actually goes well with the rustic nature of the property. It is a master piece!

amazing interiors

Amazing job!! Nice to see how and old building can be transformed into a beautiful living space.


It’s lovely to look at, but I don’t understand why so much of the seating is backless. That just seems like it would be incredibly uncomfortable on a daily basis.

Bonnie Lecat

I absolutely love this! So tastefully done!!


Fabulous, especially the bathroom.


Absolutely inspiring


so thanks keep on your sharing




Who designed the “wooden rockers” in the livingroom?

Thanks for sharing. The tub is amazing. Heating wide open spaces works best with in floor radiant heating.

meh, not really my thing. I like the pool.

Nice blog!

salMan ahMad

so nice…@_@…


Makes me want to move out to my barn, circa 1950. Now. We’ve always said if anything happened to the house (built in 1904) that instead of rebuilding we would just remodel the barn.

Johanne Poulin

Inspired spaces, so rich in textures yet so serene. The fireplace in particular is a showpiece. Congratulations.

Alexander Zilo

Comforting environment in a soothing setting.

Looks very warm and homey.

I like the above pictures they have royal look. I wish I could also have the same house.

this is such a gorgeous home, i love the use of raw materials, and the disco ball!

The color scheme is very harmonious. It gives off a relaxing and peaceful vibe.

I wish I could also have the same house

peace sign bedding

Great idea for the barn!
Must be expensive to heat up and cool the barn of this big size!


Wow what great pics i have ever seen. Awesome. Creative one.


The only thing I don’t like about this is that it was taken OUT of Canada!

amazing, this house offers a rustic interior, each of which captures the best this region – the hot late afternoon sun and cool wind southwest of. The floor to ceiling glass walls blur the line between indoors and out,

rustic decor

How do you imagine a comfortable interior like this? I would never say that the house seems alive and very comfortable. but this is very fantastic

meh, not really my thing. I like the pool.


have always wanted to live in a converted barn! Love everything about this one! Inspires me to start on the one we own…now if i can just get dh on same page

The walls look like they have a soft-finish. What color and technique was used?

just so beautiful

Hi, nice interiors

Adam T

Barn envy… fabulous!