Luxuriously sleek pad showcases clean lines in Italy

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This luxuriously designed home was completed by interior designer Francesco Stigmamiglio, owner of studio STIMAMIGLIO Concept Luxury Design, located in Treviso is a city and comune in Veneto, northern Italy. A single-family residence, this home is spread over several levels, with common living areas on the main level, the private bedroom zones on the upper level and an exercise room, spa/wet room and wine cellar located on the lower level. The interiors are characterized by sleek, clean lines, minimal detailing and custom furniture pieces. A light stained wood flooring runs throughout most of the interiors, creating harmony and low-maintenance upkeep.

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Varying ceiling heights helps to delineate spaces and clever lighting tricks helps to highlight certain features throughout the home, something the designer is known for. Natural light is emphasized through the use of a glass partition embedded in the master bedroom floor above the living room. This helps to pull light down into the space, along with the clerestory windows. On the sleek stone fireplace wall, strip lights have been integrated underneath the hearth, illuminating and defining the area.

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What We Love: The way the designer used lighting to emphasize certain areas such as under the staircase and in the wall niche to highlight a work of art. The lighting adds a nice ambiance to this luxurious space, as does the natural light that cleverly filters through a glass partition in the ceiling from the master bedroom above the living room. We especially love the wet room area, perfect after a workout in the home gym! What do you think, would this be your dream home?

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If you are looking for more inspiration in the Italian region, have a look at these chic pads, Opulent Villa on Como Lake by Studio Marco Piva or take a tour of Jesolo Lido Pool Villa in Italy by JM Architecture. Please enjoy!

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Would not want to be the one to have to clean this frameless glass railing, but it does look super sleek! The translucent glass also helps to bring in additional natural light into the space The lighted stair treads adds to the high-end luxury of this home.

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Photos: Courtesy of STIMAMIGLIO

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past tense
8 years ago

in general, this design seems rather “over the top” to me. a sign on a door to indicate the kitchen??? in general, doors to common area rooms seems a bit out of place to me, but the signage comes across as pretentious.