Renovated New York loft is a showcase to exquisite artwork

Bond Street Loft-Axis Mundi-01-1 Kindesign

A luxurious loft apartment situated in a building constructed in 1870 and later converted into high-end lofts in 1987 was recently renovated by Axis Mundi in NoHo, an area of Manhattan, New York. The 3,400 square foot loft was originally owned by a rock musician, who had the place renovated to his own unique tastes. The new clients are a young hedge fund manager and his girlfriend, who is the director of an art gallery. This being the case, the new owners were eager to incorporate their collection from mainly young, emerging artists into the new design, which consisted of paintings, photography and sculptures. A neutral palette was used to create a backdrop for the pieces and not to detract from them. A few pops of bright color can be seen throughout the space, referencing the various works of art. In the library, a comfortable sectional makes the space feel warm and welcoming with a rich blend of textures and materials such as linens, furs and warm woods. The designer opted to select large furniture pieces for the loft to fill it up and help scale down the open dimensions of the space.

Bond Street Loft-Axis Mundi-02-1 Kindesign

Colorful pieces of art can be seen throughout, big and small, adding personalization and nice pops of color throughout. Large windows throughout fills the space with light, while support columns builds character into this sleek and ultra-luxe loft space.

Bond Street Loft-Axis Mundi-003-1 Kindesign

What We Love: The library / living room is beautiful, with the large sectional that can host a whole family to cozy up and enjoy. We love all the windows and being able to look out into the city, the only drawback is that your neighbors can look in at you! The bathroom is also fabulous, love the sleek features and the freestanding bathtub, a great spot to relax and unwind… don’t you think?

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An expansive dining table is perfect for entertaining friends and family, while various seating adds visual interest.

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Photos: Durston Saylor and Mark Roskams

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