A dream-like floating bungalow in Venice Beach, California

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Bestor Architecture was responsible for the unique design of a bungalow that literarily floats above it’s lush garden-like setting located in Venice Beach, California. The project begun with a series of foam core models that the architect created as a study of the walk street that the property is located on. Bungalows closely line this street, where cars do not drive through, but your neighbors are nearby to greet you. The homeowner is a bachelor with a love of surfing, wanting a home that is close to the ocean and spacious enough to live in. Consisting of 1,850 square feet and offering three bedrooms and three bathrooms, this modern surf shack has everything one needs to live comfortably and at the same time throw a memorable party! The architect designed a modernist structure on the outside, while inside light-filled spaces offers openness and transparency between the public zones and the outdoor environment that defines the lower level zones.

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A notable feature in the living room is a DJ booth, where the homeowner can play music for his guests. Functional and easily movable furnishings can open the space up for a dance floor. Concrete floors is in keeping with this sleek, modern environment. The upper level is a white metal cloud that blankets the private zones, appearing as a dream-like, abstracted bungalow that is elevated in the air. This allows the lower level to feel open and airy and very loft-like. At the front of the property an expansive porch-like outdoor living area with a fire pit opens to the walk street.

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What We Love: Playful bursts of color, fun design touches throughout and a nice indoor-outdoor connection that takes advantage of the moderate temperatures that Southern California is known for. The floating design of this surfer-chic pad is pretty cool, perfect for the locale that this home is nestled in. What do you think, would you enjoy living in this dwelling?

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The DJ booth is the the corner across from the kitchen, whose black laminated island and appliances was inspired by an idea the architect had, applying graphic color moments in various areas of the home. This can also be seen in the stairwell, which has been painted in a bright canary yellow. While the living room features varying shades of magenta.

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Don’t you just love the yellow backdrop against the blue sky? So uplifting!

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Photos: Courtesy of Bestor Architecture & Dwell Magazine

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Adrienne Reid
8 years ago

Love the bright colours, but would never want concrete floors. They are too hard to stand on for any length of time, but I suppose gel mats would help.