Bright and airy Swedish apartment proves small can feel spacious

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This beautifully preserved apartment with turn of the century details is situated in a stone building dating from the early 1900s, located in Linnéstaden, a charming neighborhood in Gothenburg, Sweden. Discovered on the real estate site Alvehem, this home showcases a well appointed floor plan of just 742 square feet (69 square meters). Bright and airy, with high ceilings, preserved flooring, a newly refurbished and fully functional fireplace in the living area and deep window niches that offers plenty of sunlight. You will find the home’s entryway to be very welcoming and bright, with a storage closet and additional space for shelving, a console table and even a couple of chairs adorning the space.

To the right of the hallway you will find an inviting and airy kitchen that was renovated just a few years ago. The space offers views out over a lush courtyard and plenty of sunshine spilling into the space. Stainless steel appliances mixed with black granite countertops and white cabinets. There are a couple of seating options in this space, a built-in bench that not only provides storage but also a great view over the open courtyard. There is also a cozy breakfast nook where you can sit and conveniently watch the television that is built-in over the vent hood.

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The living room is open and airy thanks to double windows and deep niches as well as freshly painted light gray walls, making the room feel bright and inviting. The area consists of original hardwood plank flooring, creating a uniform feel to the rooms. A pale turquoise pastel toned wood-burning fireplace gives a turn of the century style. There is plenty of space in this room for light furnishings to add to the coziness of room. White double doors allows access into the bedroom, which can be closed for privacy.

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What We Love: Considering the size of this apartment, the layout is really nice, allowing ample space for each living zone to live comfortably. Each space has been nicely preserved and added to through renovations, creating a charming home with bright interiors and great city views. Fabulous! What do you think, do you feel like you could live here comfortably or do you find the home too small?

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The bedroom is at the far reaches of the apartment, tucked in its own little private oasis through double doors. With wood flooring, freshly painted walls and plenty of headroom, there is a great sense of harmony in this space. A large window allows natural light to illuminate and reflect off the flooring. Considering the size of the apartment, the bedroom area is quite generous, allowing plenty of room for a bed, night stands, a cozy reading area, as well as tall wardrobes to store your clothing.

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A stylish bathroom offers white tiled wall and light turquoise / white tiling on the floor. This compact space features a vanity, toilet and shower all in one open area.

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