Colorado rocky mountain retreat with phenomenal views

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This rustic mountain retreat appears as if it was built over a century ago thanks to clever architectural design by architects Design Associates, located in Granby, Colorado. The home is nestled in the historic C Lazy U Guest Ranch and Resort, an expansive property made up of private ranch estates, an extravagant dude ranch and plenty of wonderful outdoor amenities. The 35-acre site was selected specifically for its spectacular views of the Continental Divide. The homeowner requested a ranch-style house with some updated features from the traditional style architecture. An example of this is the dormer windows on the exterior of the home, which are actually skylights that helps to illuminate the great room. Comprised of 3,200 square feet of living space, the interiors feature a beautiful log cabin aesthetic. While on the exterior, the facade is clad in local beetlekill pine, with a roof structure of corrugated steel, selected to create the illusion of age by the material developing a rusted patina.

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For the interiors, the homeowners commissioned Denver-based rebaL design to infuse the home with character and timelessness. To create a feeling of restfulness and warmth and cohesiveness with the exterior, the designer clad the walls in the main living spaces with weathered bettlekill pine and selected reclaimed Wyoming snow fence paneling for the private spaces of the retreat. For the flooring, reclaimed oak and handmade clay bricks were selected, while ceilings in some of the spaces were covered with beautiful stamped tin. Special touches were added for unique visual appeal, which were sourced from antique dealers and junk stores. You can see them dispersed throughout the home, such as the bathrooms with antique plumbing fixtures, as well as vintage hardware and even push button light switches.

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What We Love: The view is most notably a spectacular feature of this home, however, inside and outside are beautifully designed… loving the rustic yet refined aesthetic. Every space has something unique and interesting about it, with a nice mix of old and new. What do you think, what do you like most about this mountain retreat?

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In the main living spaces the designer chose a muted palette with a mix of classic and modern furnishings. A floor to ceiling moss rock fireplace features a moose mount picked up by the homeowner in Alaska. To keep the dining space feeling open, the farmhouse style table has benches on either side of it.

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The living area features comfortable furnishings that surrounds an eye-catching coffee table that is comprised of a large petrified tree root.

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In keeping with the relaxed ranch house vibe, the kitchen showcases custom designed cabinetry comprised of reclaimed Douglas Fir. In the upper display cabinets, several are fitted with rustic wire mesh panels instead of traditional glass.

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The luminous master bedroom is a serene oasis of soft textures and fabrics, while a cozy Moroccan area rug decorates the hardwood flooring underfoot.

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In the master bathroom, the showpiece is this antique 1880s galvanized tub that has been fitted with modern fixtures to make it more than just a conversation piece.

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A powder room accent wall has been covered with a collage of vintage license plates, while the interesting looking sink is an old English fountain that has been refurbished.

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The home also offers a very relaxing guest suite, as well as a spacious children’s bunk room (picture above), which offers eight full-sized beds. Mini-curtains can be used for additional privacy.

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Photos: Courtesy of rebaL design

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1 year ago

Just gorgeous! The only thing is that I wouldn’t have wood walls that close to a urinal!

4 years ago

All I can say is…Beautifully AMAZING!