Transitional Minnesota home taking an elegant approach to design

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This elegantly styled transitional residence was re-designed by Martha O’Hara Interiors in collaboration with John Kraemer & Sons, located in Edina, Minnesota. The interior design scheme consists of a neutral color palette with subtle pops of color dispersed throughout. Soft textures and visually pleasing finishes adds to the appeal of this stunning home. Every detail has been thought of making this wonderful family home.

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What We Love: The serene color palette, soothing pops of color and inviting furnishings makes this home feel very elegant and stylish. The remodel was very successful, preserving old architectural details while adding beautiful modern updates. What do you think of this home, please leave us your feedback in the comments section below!

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The kitchen features custom cabinetry with white cabinets around the perimeter topped with quartz. While the island features cabinetry in a nice gray hue topped with Carrara marble counters. Pendant light fixtures (12″x12″) sourced from Currey & Co adds nice task lighting to the space.

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The lower basement level was completely transformed to include a family room, custom built-in bar, home office and a powder room. The media center features custom built-in cabinetry with wallcovering highlighting the walls behind the bookshelves. The wallpaper was installed before the bookshelves were finished. You can easily do this same look in your home if you have removable shelving. The fireplace is has sleek aesthetic, clad white white tiling. Comfortable furnishings invites you to sit back and relax, while an adjacent bar allows you to grab a snack or enjoy a refreshment.

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The home bar features custom cabinetry in a warm wood topped with a super white granite countertop. The backsplash is a marble mosaic with small metal accents.

Transitional Residence-Martha-OHara-Interiors-18-1-Kindesign

Transitional Residence-Martha-OHara-Interiors-19-1-Kindesign

This beautiful home office features custom built-in cabinetry in a hue called Techile, sourced from Hirshfield’s Paints. A pretty floral wallcovering picks up hues from the cabinets, while the piano adds a personal touch to the space.

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Transitional Residence-Martha-OHara-Interiors-21-1-Kindesign

This stunning powder room features wallpapering by Cole & Son called Vivienne’s lace and sourced from Lee Jofa.

Transitional Residence-Martha-OHara-Interiors-22-1-Kindesign

Photos: Corey Gaffer Photography

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