Modern bachelor pad of concrete in Rio de Janeiro

Modern Concrete Apartment-Studio-roca-01-1-Kindesign

This modern concrete apartment was designed for a bachelor in his 30s by Studio ro+ca, located in Ipanema, a neighborhood of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The main concept for the design of this home was to create a space where the homeowner could entertain friends and have parties. The apartment showcases a very cosmopolitan and urban air, with materials of concrete covering much of the surface levels. Notable elements of the project includes a deep concrete shelf that travels the length of the wall in the living and dining room. For the guest room, walls were torn down and replaced with a black roller door installation. When closed, the corrugated door creates visual interest against the concrete, breaking up the monotony. An expansive black granite island in the kitchen separates it from the living room. An accent wall of white subway tiles in the kitchen becomes a feature wall, while the island plays double duty as a bar when company is visiting. The master bedroom features a wall of glass closet doors with a flat-panel television in a cabinet concealed behind the mirror door (a remote changes the mirror from reflective to clear). A wall-to-wall headboard is covered with wallpaper and illuminates for an interesting effect. There is also a small office in this space for the homeowner to work from home.

Modern Concrete Apartment-Studio-roca-02-1-Kindesign

What We Love: The sleek concrete, clean lines and modern furnishings that makes this bachelor home the ultimate weekend party pad… what do you think?

Inspired by this home tour? We featured another unique home here on 1 Kindesign by the same architects of this pad:

Masculine details stylishly displayed in Brazilian apartment

Modern Concrete Apartment-Studio-roca-03-1-Kindesign

Modern Concrete Apartment-Studio-roca-04-1-Kindesign

Modern Concrete Apartment-Studio-roca-05-1-Kindesign

Modern Concrete Apartment-Studio-roca-06-1-Kindesign

Modern Concrete Apartment-Studio-roca-07-1-Kindesign

Modern Concrete Apartment-Studio-roca-08-1-Kindesign

Modern Concrete Apartment-Studio-roca-09-1-Kindesign

Modern Concrete Apartment-Studio-roca-10-1-Kindesign

Modern Concrete Apartment-Studio-roca-11-1-Kindesign

Modern Concrete Apartment-Studio-roca-12-1-Kindesign

Modern Concrete Apartment-Studio-roca-13-1-Kindesign

Modern Concrete Apartment-Studio-roca-16-1-Kindesign

Modern Concrete Apartment-Studio-roca-17-1-Kindesign

Modern Concrete Apartment-Studio-roca-18-1-Kindesign

Modern Concrete Apartment-Studio-roca-19-1-Kindesign

Modern Concrete Apartment-Studio-roca-20-1-Kindesign

The bathroom features a concrete box used as a sink, lined with a piece of black granite. An old rusty pipe that is no longer in use was preserved to make the space more visually interesting.

Photos: Courtesy of Studio ro+ca

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