Modern cottage retreat in Quebec’s forested landscape

Modern Cottage-Atelier Barda-01-1 Kindesign

A modern cottage designed for an active family by Atelier Barda is nestled on a forested site on the eastern side of Mt Pinnacle in Frelighsburg, Quebec, Canada. Since this is a second home for the clients and would be used as a weekend retreat, they requested that the dwelling be low-maintenance. The exterior facade was constructed with cross laminated timber, while the interiors were designed to to open to the surrounding environment. The layout is spread out over one level, separated into three zones, a master bedroom and public spaces, a loggia and a children’s section. Each area is independent of one another, where access to each zone is by way of going outside (which can be quite chilly in the winter) and coming back in through a doorway to that section of the home. The homeowners were excited to welcome this quirk into the design of their home, as it would force the to spend more time immersing themselves into the outdoor landscape. In turn this would also help them to save money by only heating the areas of the home that are occupied. The dwellings black facade is not meant to meld with its surroundings, yet instead create a sense of space by being a stark contrast.

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What We Love: The simple yet beautiful design makes a perfect family cottage that is easy to maintain and the forested landscape offers a welcoming seclusion from city life. What do you like about this cottage retreat?

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Photos: ©Fréderic Bouchard

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