50 Sensational Stone Fireplaces To Warm Your Senses

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A stone fireplace can greatly enhance any home’s design aesthetic, exuding a rustic elegance that makes your space feel warm and extremely comfortable. It will inevitably be the focal point of any room, being a work of art in of itself and serving as a wonderful decorative element. Stone fireplaces can look stunning with any design style, but achieve their greatest success in a comfortable log cabin.

These fireplaces can be designed from floor to ceiling to offer a more finished and refined look…not to mention it is very eye-catching! A mantel is typically comprised of wood or reclaimed wood for a rustic appeal (which adds a nice visual impact with the stone), can be added just for show or to add decorative items such as a mirror, candlesticks, vases or a piece of art. With artwork, this will not only help to anchor your space, you can also draw color inspiration for the painting to decorate the surrounding interiors.

A stone fireplace can help break up the starkness if you have white walls. With stone, if you plan to build up, you may wish to consider building out into the space to create a stronger visual impact and an older look. There are plenty of stones to select from, whether it be limestone, cobblestone, slate, granite blocks, cultured river rock (a man-made material that is lighter in weight and much easier to install than natural stone), concrete stones (perfect for a more contemporary fireplace), or even a stone veneer.

We have assembled a collection of cozy fireplaces clad in stone in various design styles to give you some great inspiration for your next design project…or just some visual eye candy loaded with warmth! Be sure to let us know which one most inspires you in the comments section below.

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In a contemporary space, a stacked stone fireplace looks very classy and elegant, not to mention it adds some visual texture and warmth!

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A stylish French country fireplace offers two-sided warmth in both the living room and dining room. The whole fireplace wall is clad with stone, with a reclaimed mantel and trumeau mirror anchored on top of it. The firebox showcases an arch that repeats in the open doorways on either side of it.

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Stone-Fireplace-Design-Ideas-27-1 Kindesign

Stone-Fireplace-Design-Ideas-28-1 Kindesign

Stone-Fireplace-Design-Ideas-29-1 Kindesign

Stone-Fireplace-Design-Ideas-30-1 Kindesign

Stone-Fireplace-Design-Ideas-31-1 Kindesign

Stone-Fireplace-Design-Ideas-32-1 Kindesign

Stone-Fireplace-Design-Ideas-33-1 Kindesign

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Stone-Fireplace-Design-Ideas-44-1 Kindesign

Stone-Fireplace-Design-Ideas-45-1 Kindesign

Stone-Fireplace-Design-Ideas-46-1 Kindesign

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Stone-Fireplace-Design-Ideas-48-1 Kindesign

Stone-Fireplace-Design-Ideas-49-1 Kindesign

Stone-Fireplace-Design-Ideas-50-1 Kindesign

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