56 Clean and modern showcase fireplace designs

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Set your living spaces aglow with clean and modern showcase fireplace designs that will add warmth and a cozy ambiance. Most of you seem to be big fans of sleek and chic modern design—think clean lines with unexpected touches. Even though a space is modern does not mean that it cannot feel warm, inviting and comfortable to spend time in, it just needs the right touches—such as a warmly lit fireplace. We have gathered together a collection of 56 amazing modern fireplace designs showcased in various spaces throughout the home. Having a fireplace in your home not only creates warmth but creates the perfect space for gathering and entertaining and acts as the perfect focal point. Design comfortable seating arrangement facing the fireplace to make the most of the space. Most fireplace designs are custom, but a lot of the ideas we have presented can be easily adapted into your home at any price point. Enjoy the photos and fireplace design tips below and please let us know which one most inspires you!

In the photo above: run the stone tile to the ceiling to create drama and accentuate the vertical. Charcoal gray and black stone are always great ways to de-emphasize the black box that is a trademark of gas fireplaces.

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Let the fireplace create ambiance. Install inexpensive dimmers to overhead lights. When the fire is lit, dim the lights to let the room glow.

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The bold modern fireplace is the first thing that catches the eye in this stunning photo. This six-foot fireplace is accented by a simple gray wallpaper, which almost has the appearance of stone tile.

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The tiles around this fireplace are by Heath Ceramics – a popular modern classic in contemporary design.

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Work of Art. This living room artistically combines the television and fireplace on one wall. The television is offset by the hearth for balance, while the streamlined fireplace almost disappears under the recessed cavity when it’s not on. Design tip: A surround like this can easily be customized into full-overlay doors for extra living room storage.

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A stacked stone hearth works with the modern fireplace to add edgy architecture to this open floor plan.

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This statement-making fireplace was custom designed and fabricated by Concretework‘s Mark Rogero. The steel-and-concrete fireplace reflects light from the 36 hanging Bocci pendants in the neighboring dining room, and the flickering glow from the fire provides warm illumination.

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A gray and purple color scheme and bold but sleek design elements, such as the large concrete fireplace, make this room elegant and comfortable. The fireplace also serves as a room divider.

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Fireplaces in the bedroom should also come equipped with seating. Turn on a holiday movie for the kids and escape to this spot for a much-deserved break.

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A minimal metal wall around the fire makes a strong statement.

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Spark interest to this non-working fireplace by filling it with wabi-sabi decorative logs. They hint at coziness, aren’t too formal and require no matches.

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Expand the width. A fire burns just as well in fireplaces that are shaped outside of the norm. This extra wide fireplace takes advantage of this wall’s broad space, spreading the warmth and the eye-catching appeal.

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Metal chimney technology allows the fireplace to be a floating object unconnected to the ground. The Fireorb by architect Doug Garofalo takes the prefab metal fireplace to a whole new level. Allowing a 360-degree rotation, this is a fireplace that can be placed anywhere in a space.

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This modern application uses two types of stone: a mix of charcoal gray and white marble. The simple detail of the raised hearth and peek of white marble underneath is very modern and sculptural.

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Mix and match. Mix several materials together in a fireplace design. Tile, stone and stainless steel are all expertly matched for complete design cohesion here. All the natural-looking materials in a home can be broken up with a stainless steel mantel, make sure that it’s not placed too close to the fire, since this material can heat up quickly. Tip: Take the fireplace surround all the way to the ceiling to make the ceiling feel taller.

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This copper cladded fireplace surround amplifies the warm glow of the fire.

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Clever lighting adds coziness to this living room. The rock wall is a textural backdrop for candle light and an illuminated floor lamp. The fireplace adds visual and tactile warmth, and accent lights direct your attention to an interesting art piece.

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This slab installation in gorgeous Calacatta marble, is just slightly raised from the plane of the wall. This is perfect for the office, so you can get full view of the fireplace at all times from behind your desk.

Modern Fireplace Design Ideas-56-1 Kindesign

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9 years ago

What is the name of the stone that is used on the fireplace with the stainless steel mantle and hearth that extends down the wall?

Tina Becker
9 years ago

I love this eclectic collection of fireplaces! Thank you for sharing! If you are interested in custom hardwood fireplace mantels check out http://www.customfiremantels.com Our custom mantel collection compliments many of the fireplace designs featured in this post!

10 years ago

Definitely this is a great source of inspiration, thank you. The fireplace is the focal point in any home and we should approach the design with a sense of creativity. The more I look at the photos, the more difficult it becomes to select the best one. I also find fireplace repainting projects fabulous if you would like to add fine touches and blend with the interior. It’s easy to handle a fireplace makeover project if you carefully plan each step of the process. I would recommend to look at this nice project which shows how to approach the complete… Read more »

10 years ago

All of these fireplaces are completely amazing! My husband and I have been looking at fireplace designs in hopes of being able to find the perfect one for our new house. We’ve been saving up for a really long time, and are starting to look at lots, and different appliances such as fireplaces, and sinks. It’s all so much fun to look around at all the options, but at the same time, so overwhelming! There are so many options. Sometimes I feel like we will never be able to decide on just one; they are all just so great! Fireplaces… Read more »

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10 years ago

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Giulia Pavanello
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