Chic and cosmopolitan pad with a California vibe in Ibiza

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This sophisticated and cosmopolitan apartment has been rehabbed with a California vibe by interior designer Jon Urgoiti, located on Talamanca Beach, Ibiza. The interiors of this chic island retreat reflects a touch of ‘disco’ with Mediterranean flavor. Relaxation was important to the clients who are an Iranian family that gave complete control of the project to the designer to transform the space on a more personal level. The luxury home itself was designed by architecture studio A-cero, after which the designer made the finishing touches to infuse a playful spirit into the space. The number or location of rooms were not changed, yet spaces were maximized to emphasize the connection between indoors and out. The designer was concerned with addressing the proportion of the volume to create spacious, airy interiors. To create a more cozy effect, faux oaks beams were affixed to the ceiling, and walls were dressed with fabrics, wallpaper and whitewashed raffia. The original marble flooring was covered with an Ibizan stucco, further emphasizing the indoor-outdoor connection. When the glass doors are left open, both the dining and kitchen area, with are separated from each other by a sliding glass partition with oak slats, are entirely united with the terrace.

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The spaces are harmoniously decorated with furnishings and accessories including 70s Italian lamps, Chinese antiques, designer furnishings from the 50s and contemporary pieces by Kelly Wearstler and the designer himself. The end result is a magnificent atmosphere with bright white interiors mixed with lacquers, linen and raffia.

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What We Love: What is there not to love about this island getaway? It is clean and contemporary, with a swimming pool overlooking the ocean. The fresh sea breezes that sweep across the living room could literally take your breath away, especially with that sensational view! This would be an amazing place to escape for a vacation…what do you think?

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Photos: Architectural Digest

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