40 Amazing fall-inspired front porch decorating ideas

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As fall is officially underway, it is time to start thinking about decorating your front porch by creating an inviting entryway to greet your guests. Display fall-themed decor around your front entryway with traditional favorites such as wreaths, garland, pumpkins and gourds, corn husks, hay bales and topiaries. Infuse in some personalized ideas such as a scarecrow (which can have a pumpkin as a head), adding vegetables such as kale or dried corn, a basket or barrel of apples, a wheel barrow full of various sized pumpkins, wooden or chalkboard signs (such as a welcome sign), twigs added into a pot (add mini lights to highlight), pinecones piled into a pot, your house number displayed on pumpkins, lanterns, green moss, and mini lights to accent. Add bursts of color with natural elements such as brightly colored yellow mums in rustic wooden baskets. Be sure to accent your steps with varying sized pumpkins or flowers, creating a nice visual interest. If you are looking for DIY ideas, we have plenty here to share with you, making your own wreath for your door can be a fun weekend project. Whatever your tastes are, we have put together a collection of fall-inspired front porches that will surely give you some amazing ideas that we think will help get you in the mood to decorate your entryway with some autumn touches! Enjoy!

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Autumn is an amazing time of the year, when leaves start changing color and the air starts to feel crisp. It is a wonderful time to decorate your home and bring some magic to it. We love this time of year, how about you? What do you do in your home to decorate for the fall season, please share with us in the comments section below. Are you look for some further fall decorating ideas here on 1 Kindesign? Have a look at some past features:

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Decorate your fall-inspired front porch with orange paper lanterns, a budget-friendly option to adding fall color. To re-create the image above for your own home, use smaller lanterns to attach to bamboo stakes with a light hued string. Place the lantern stakes into planters, big or small, on either side of your front door. Adding to the symmetry of the front entry, add heaps of various-sized pumpkins on either side of your doorway. If you really want to add a burst of color, string a larger sized lantern in the center of your entryway. Paper lanterns can be found at your local craft supply store, such as Michaels.

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A trendy and festive idea is to affix your house number onto pumpkins to create a topiary in a barrel, basket or planter (use real or artificial, the benefit to the latter being that you can re-purpose next year!) In the image above, white pumpkins have been decorated with vintage style house numbers (however you can use orange pumpkins if that is your preference). The pumpkins have been threaded with a dowel so they won’t topple over and placed into a wooden basket (again so they won’t topple). Spanish moss has been used as the base for color and texture.

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Your front porch can be dressed up with some elements that attract your guests attention. Various colored pumpkins and gourds decorate the ground. A wonderful idea is to add a beautiful basket to fill with these delectable harvest items. A planter with a leafy garden is topped with a lantern to illuminate the space during the evening. A leafy garland also frames the doorway and a harvest-themed wreath welcomes you in with its fall colors. A “Welcome” sign greets your visitors and adds another interesting visual element to the scene.

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Pumpkins and gourds travel all the way up these steps, welcoming you to the front doorway.

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Create a harvest-inspired front porch with cornstalks accenting the doorway. Replace out a traditional wreath with a hanging basket full of autumn foliage and berries to add color and cheer. A garland comprised of fall leaves and tiny pumpkins frames the entryway. Try adding some fall flowers to your porch, with some bright yellow mums.

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Monogram a pumpkin with glitter, it can spell a word over four pumpkins such as “Fall” or it can be used for house numbers or just a letter, such as your family name.

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