Creative design solutions exhibited by fashionable Toronto loft

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This contemporary loft was designed by talented homeowner Jayanti Lal, with styling by designer Stéphane Chamard, located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. The hard loft is infused with a youthful style statement with fashionable interiors that includes a dramatic black kitchen to a walk-in closet that comes complete with a swing chair. The designer was inspired by her brother’s New York loft, so she was looking for a pad that has exposed brick, cement and levels for visual interest. The designer wanted a large walk-in closet that was open where she could do her makeup and have a swing chair that she states is “every girls dream.” She wanted a cool coat rack, so a free-floating rack was custom designed for the space, one of the first pieces that was added to the renovation. The designer hired Stéphane to help with the accent wall in the home office, who created a white accent wall to showcase a collection of black and white framed photos. An important element to the design was to incorporate lighting into the space. The designer did not want basic pot lighting, instead opting for feature lighting that would create dramatic statements and highlight certain pieces within the home. All the furnishings are low, including the bedroom and living room pieces. Not only is that in keeping with her style, but she also wanted guests to feel cozy in the space and encourage seating on the floor, which is accented by a nicely textured area rug. Inherited pieces of Indian art from the homeowner’s culture is dotted throughout.

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What do you think of this cool loft space, could you live here? What is your favorite feature? Let us know in the comments section below! If you are looking for more inspiring home tours, we have featured plenty here on 1 Kindesign, take a look at some others in the Toronto area: Historic warehouse loft conversion on MarketModern loft creates trendy vibe in downtown Toronto and Modern loft space offers a slick bachelor pad in Toronto.

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The kitchen was designed in black and white with an opening in the space to draw in the light. Open shelves were incorporated into the design to display small treasures. Storage was created from floor to ceiling since the space was not that large. A feature on the chalkboard wall was rendered by a close friend, however the designer stated that may change in a couple of months to give a new look to the space that is continually evolving.

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Photos: Lisa Petrole Photography

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