Modern eclectic home in Taipei illuminated with natural light

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The design of this fascinating modern eclectic home focused on traffic flow and natural illumination, completed by Ganna Design, located in Taipei, Taiwan. The residence, which is entitled “At Will”, was designed for a family and centers on creating spaces where family members can effortlessly interact with each other. Setting this project apart from others, the starting point of the design was a sofa and everything else just fell into place from there. According to the designer, “the main concept of this project is the living attitude: live at will, change at will.” The sofa is like Lego, where the homeowners have to piece them together at will. The furnishings can be easily changed or moved around according to the emotion of the inhabitants. The main living area is quite unique, mixing the beauty of rough and delicate finishes. Preserving the original cement ceiling and also making use of a delicate sofa, elegant chandelier and custom bookcase to create a nicely designed aesthetic. Large windows allow light to penetrate the spaces while at the same time giving the owners broad views of the city’s breathtaking skyline. As a result, this 2,066 square foot (192 square meters) project creates a different concept, with no specific style and no set relationship between spaces.

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Photos: Siew Shien Sam / MWphotoinc

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