Modern cube house with majestic mountain views in South Africa

Modern Cube House-Henri Comrie-01-1 Kindesign

This modern cube house has been designed by architect Henri Comrie, nestled in the picturesque valley of Banhoek, a wine region in South Africa. The home has been aptly named by the homeowners as ‘Johannesdal’, peacefully resting between lush forested grounds and majestic mountains. The home features a simple, honest atmosphere with a flair for color, unexpected combinations and a strong desire to draw nature in. Creativity in design and lifestyle needs were at the forefront of the project, which features a modern exterior and farmhouse style interior. The home consists of three volumes with large expanses of windows, generous terraces and open spaces, where the outside can be viewed from anywhere inside. With this in mind, the gardens were immaculately designed as a tranquil oasis for the owners to enjoy. Natural light floods the interior spaces, which at different times of the day, gives varying nuances to the furnishings and decor. It seems that at every corner your are surprised by an expected composition or a pop of color that inevitably draws attention to it. The architect was inspired by Le Corbusier, in his application of whitewashed walls, open spaces, exposed brick, metal, raw concrete ceilings and untreated wood, which seems to seamlessly co-exist with the native features of the area.

Modern Cube House-Henri Comrie-02-1 Kindesign

One of the terraces on the upper level provides stunning views of the vegetated landscape and imposing mountains. Have a look through this enjoyable house tour and don’t forget to let us know your thoughts on this home. If you are not keeping up with the latest, consider following 1 Kindesign on social media:

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Photos: Nuevo Estilo

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Claudia Phillips
1 year ago

Very cool. It’s warm and homey, but also has an artistic feel. I love that it isn’t just following the trends.

scot sims
8 years ago

It looks like a flea market or estate sale of throwaway trendy knickknacks. Kitsch clutter.