Old barn revamped to elegant yet functional pad in Czech Republic

Boooox Heritage Barn-OOOOX-01-1 Kindesign

Boooox Heritage Barn project is an old barn re-designed into an elegant and functional living space by architecture studio OOOOX, located in Liberec, Czech Republic. The structure was preserved to respect its history and surroundings, with plenty of imagination, attention to detail and a design that meets the needs of the client which produced a spectacular end result. The main concept of the project is the division of the color black applied to the exterior of the home, while white is used in the interiors. Both the inside and outside are dominated by the use of wood, with the flooring on the interior is comprised of brick, painted white. The interior living spaces reflect the original structure of the barn, including the framing through a large picture window. The wooden exterior facade has been restored to the original style, with windows on the ground floor fitted into where the original barn door opening once was. The windows are also covered with wooden shutters that, when closed, are in the same expression as the exterior facade. The main objective to preserve the open spaces on both levels up to the roofline. Interior railings, whether solid or mesh, were selected for the safety of both children and family pets. The selection of airy materials opens and closes visually different spaces. The designers created a podium for the staircase landings that runs dual-purposed as extra storage space to keep the modern interiors clean and tidy.

Boooox Heritage Barn-OOOOX-02-1 Kindesign

In keeping with the black and white theme, furnishings and materials selections were kept in the same color palette. A black and white cow hide area rug adds pattern and visual interest to the white interiors. The black staircase leading up to the second level breaks up the white walls. The whole interior on both levels has been designed as an open concept without any doors to close off spaces. What do you think, are you a fan of the black and white interiors? Love converted barn homes? Have a look at some others featured here on 1 Kindesign with, Four Barns weekend retreat in the rolling hills of Hudson Valley and Reclaimed post and beam barn transformed to family retreat in Idaho.

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