Transparency and light defines this magnificent Brazilian home

Casa Planalto-FC Studio-01-1 Kindesign

Casa Planalto is a magnificent modern house demonstrating seamless integration of indoor-outdoor living, completed in 2013 by FC Studio in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Designed as an urban house for a family, the interiors are comprised of 6,458 square feet (600 square meters) of living space. The home has been oriented so that the homeowners can enjoy the open space in the summer and winter but be protected from the elements by being under cover. Two large volumes run perpendicular to each other to demarcate territory as well as determining functions and usage of the spaces of the residence. “A rectangular prism perpendicular to the street contains private functions of the house, which occupies half the ground and releases other half for leisure and landscaping. another rectangular prism, but in different proportions, it contains functions and social service of the house “, states the architects. The upper volume seems to rest on the lower volume, generating a series of projections which reinforces the concept of this project. “The vertical movement is the point of contact between them”. All spaces seem to link together through doors and walls that move, which makes the home feel completely open to nature. This makes the home feel light and airy, showcasing crisp and clean interiors.

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Earthy colors, textures and the transparency of materials were purposefully selected. “While transparency integrates concrete separates. The concrete walls divide the space, while the large sliding glass doors bring the landscape into the house. The materials are sincere. The concrete, glass, wood and steel are shown in its essence, without intermediaries,” explains the architects.

Casa Planalto-FC Studio-03-1 Kindesign

The home serves as a wonderful example of contemporary Brazilian architecture, where concrete and modernity go hand in hand, but connected with the environment, with the trees and the amazing natural surroundings.

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Photos: Nelson Kon

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