Mesmerizing blend of traditional and modern in Nashville

Nashville Residence-Bonadies Architect-01-1 Kindesign

This lovely home is a harmonious blend of traditional and modern brimming with character, designed for a couple of empty nesters by Bonadies Architect in Nashville, Tennessee. Situated on a spacious property that was once a Civil War battle site, the brand new home is surrounded by well manicured landscaping, tall grasses and mature trees. The homeowners vision was transformed through their southern values and a rock and roll attitude. This sophisticated home offers plenty of wonderful features that one could wish for in a dream home. The project is comprised of the main house, swimming pool with a pool house as well as a remodeled music studio. The exterior facade of this home showcases a culmination of California redwood siding painted in a beautiful shade of gray, stone and a roof comprised of slate with flat-seam lead overhangs. Intimate spaces in a private setting makes this home very harmonious with its environment. A well planned and thought out floor plan, all spaces are very functional with no wasted space. There is plenty of detail work in the mesmerizing home, such as the handmade railings, custom window jambs and metal awnings.

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A cozy outdoor seating arrangement elevated on a concrete platform can be accessed from the the interiors through beautiful french doors. A great spot for enjoy warm sunny days, curling up with a book or having great conversation, this outdoor living area offers a great vantage point to viewing the beautiful surrounding property.

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A cozy outdoor living space surrounded by stone walls and meticulous landscaping, this is the perfect spot for entertaining family and friends, These hanging outdoor Edison bulb string lights set the mood, creating a welcoming ambiance in the evenings. They can be found at places such as Pottery Barn.

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Bright and sunny, this warm living room features a cozy area rug over the sisal carpet to really make this space feel cozy. The double story fireplace creates a dramatic focal point and a perfect spot to create a seating arrangement around for invigorating conversation with family and friends.

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Photos: Courtesy of Bonadies Architect

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2 years ago

has anyone found the exterior color of this home?

5 years ago

Would you please share the exterior color of this home?!

6 years ago

Do you know what type of stone was used on the exterior?