5 Wallpaper tips to transform any novice into an expert

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Considering using wallpaper instead of paint on your walls can be a huge design decision, but if you don’t have wallpapering skills, check out some wallpaper tips to get started. Wallpaper is now making a comeback, being very on trend. Some leading trends include aged elegance or even a subtle worn appearance, wall murals, and even a textured and layered look. Some wallpapers offer varying tactile dimensions. You will find that some cutting edge wall coverings are comprised of anything but paper. Here are some excellent tips on how to go from novice to expert on your first try.

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 Measure Twice

 Measuring once is a recipe for disaster. Even professionals measure their wallpaper twice. This is an old trick from carpentry – “measure twice, cut once.” It’s a second assurance that you’ve got all of the paper you need and aren’t making any mistakes. You could even have someone else check your work if you’re not confident in your own abilities.

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Order All The Wallpaper You Need At Once

 Most people only buy small rolls to “test out” the idea of wallpaper. And, while that can be a good strategy for some things, it’s a terrible idea for wallpaper. You have to make a commitment to either wallpaper or not. And, when you’re in, go all in. Why? Because wallpaper manufacturers frequently change their styles and patterns to keep things fresh.

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This summer’s pattern may not be available in the fall, which means you may have unfinished walls with no matching prints if you do it “piecemeal.”

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Lay Out Everything You Need First

You’ll need a steam roller, wallpaper smoother or a brush of some kind, a level, tape measure, pushpins, some scissors, and a paint tray that’s half full of warm water. You’ll also need a sponge and a separate bucket of water, a putty and utility knife.

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Make a checklist, and visually inspect all of your tools to make sure they’re in good working order before you start.

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Use a Plumb Bob (Level)

Most home walls are not level or straight. A plumb bob can help overcome this. A plumb bob is essentially a long string or rope attached to a weight which helps you understand the relationship of two objects. In this case, you’re trying to figure out how the wall sits to the floor so you can hang your paper straight.

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If you hang the paper using the wall as your reference point, you might end up with crooked patterns when you step back and look at it from a distance. Even when you’re using this discount wallpaper and “paste the wall” paper, you don’t want to get several strips into it and realize that you’ve messed up your project.

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Paint The Top Of The Wall Before Wallpapering

 A neat little trick that professional interior decorators use is to paint the top of the wall, near the molding or ceiling. That way, if the wallpaper doesn’t align perfectly with the top of the wall (and if you live in an older house, it probably won’t), it’s less noticeable.

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This trick can also be used around windows and doors to hide unevenness. Use a paint that closely matches your wallpaper’s main colors.

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You can supplement this trick with discrete crown molding, which will cover small mistakes and unevenness in the paper.

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This guest post was courtesy of home decorator Penny McManus. She enjoys sharing her insights and ideas. Look for her posts on a number of homeowner and DIY blogs.

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2 years ago

How do I purchase this wallpaper? I’m particularly interested in the gold and blue large pattern wallpaper.

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5 years ago

Great article! Thanks for sharing this this article These wallpaper and design are awesome. I like it. Keep up great work work!!