Modern bohemian style warehouse loft in DUMBO, New York

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Martin Bourne, interior stylist and Leilin López, his counterpart in the field of fashion, have blended their aesthetic visions in this modern bohemian style flat in Dumbo, a district in Brooklyn, New York. This post industrial flat is a converted warehouse, reflecting primarily a lifestyle, turned into a cozy, romantic and contemporary apartment.

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The Eames furniture or Hans Wegner coexist with other anonymous pieces bought at flea markets. When the owners found this house, they did not immediately like it; quite the contrary. It was a white brick industrial building with one room of 3,013 square feet (280 square meters) without gaps and with large ceiling hung fluorescent lights. To top it off, this neighborhood across the bridge was dangerous. They purchased it anyway, perhaps having a hunch that it would become in the near future one of the new it areas, bohemian and modern New York.

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Eventually they decided to make the necessary touches to make the space more cozy by visually separating the living room, dining room, study and kitchen, which still share a single open space and reformed the open master bedroom. They also kept a guest room. The wooden walls were painted with pastel tones to add warmth to the immense space previously used for storage.

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The owners have defined their home as a modern-romantic. Romantic because it is cozy, with a predominance of pastels like pink, green water, light blue and white, mixed with flea markets finds picked up from all over the US and travels on four continents. Modern because it is not too perfect, its fresh, light and spacious and very eclectic.

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The owners favorite is the office space with large tables with axle stands and a lot of personal items that inspire them on the walls. It is in this space where they spend hours reading, inquiring, looking at magazines and thinking. It is the factory where they process everything that catches their attention and need to build their personal creative universe.

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Photos: Manolo Yllera for Architectural Digest

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