Scandinavian minimalism infused with 60’s decor in Warsaw: M44 Apartment

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M44 Apartment was inspired by designs of the 60’s and Scandinavian minimalism designed by Widawscy Studio Architektury located in Mokotów, a district in Warsaw, Poland. The apartment is situated in a building built in 1954 with a classic functional interior from the 50’s and high 280 cm space required a functional arrangement that would provide comfort and pleasure of living.

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The previous owner of the apartment has prepared its interior in a very intriguing way and that was the reason why the current owner – Gregory bought them and want to continue the arrangment with the current style. With the help of the architecture studio “Widawscy studio architektury” was created an intriguing space inspired by designs of the 60’s and Scandinavian minimalism.

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The architects decided to leave old wooden floors painted white, which is a classic of Scandinavian style. The colour ideal expands the space and introduces a lot of light. The owner was very affectionate to the remarkable colors in the interior and want to preserve them in the bedroom, living room, and also tiles in the bathroom and toilet. Entering the apartment we are directly in the kitchen with a dining area. The architects decided to separate from it “a small interior” using sliding, openwork, white panels and creating zone with shoes lockers and a coat hanger. On the walls there are the concrete and mirror. By using a mirror on the ceiling beam interior gained spaciousness and lightness.

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Kitchen colours and dining area refers to the design of the 60’s. It is based on two main colors : orange and yellow with background of white contrasted with black. Strong accent of the interior is a floral design painted on the ceiling, inspired by Finnish design brand Marimekko. In reference to this pattern architects decided to yellow kitchen cabinets, finished with a black stone worktop. On the wall next to the table maintains its original, red brick. Directly from the kitchen we go into the living room and bedroom, which are also interconnected with double doors .

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Colors of living room are two opposites: stimulating orange and calming olive. With this statement created interesting, energetic background for interior design.Space room combines two functions: living area with a comfortable sofa and armchairs and office area like working studio. Lightweight desk with glass top discreetly blends into the space of the room. On the wall with kitchen door was built irregular bookcase in white colour. Architects also used existing wardrobe in the wall adopting it on shelf with documents and books. The whole building furniture binds wall in black, which is the perfect backdrop for the composition of books and CDs .

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Original colors of the bedroom in which combined color of dark chocolate and scarlet red gives it a unique character. In the central point of the interior against the dark wall is a bed. Its form resembles the design of the 60’s. Bedside tables on both sides of the bed architects replaced with the seats of the 60’s held by the owner. Perform the function of cabinets white cubes on the walls, giving the interior of lightness. Before bed, in front of the window with balcony there is a couch called “relaxation machine” designed by Le Corbusier.

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The bathroom and toilet were lined with black mosaic which improved interior proportions and gave them the spaciousness.

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In the bathroom architects have proposed instead of the traditional cabinet under the sink – unique wooden chest of drawers in colorful stripes. This unique design has allowed the bathroom to gain style and character.

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 In a niche on wall of the toilet architects proposed an intriguing and surprising “installation” of the black hand emerging from the wall.

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Photos: Dariusz Majgier

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