House in a Urban Jungle in Germany by Dreimeta

House in a Urban Jungle-Dreimeta-01-1 Kindesign

House in a Urban Jungle is the conversion and stock-piling of a 1969 bungalow by design firm Dreimeta, surrounded by lush vegetation in Augsburg, Germany. Built in 2013, the residence is spread out over three levels, comprised of 3,229 square feet (300 square meters) of living space.

House in a Urban Jungle-Dreimeta-02-1 Kindesign

Task: The gentle clearance and stock-piling in the contemporary 1969 architectural style with modern technologies.

House in a Urban Jungle-Dreimeta-03-1 Kindesign

Idea and solution: What would the former architect with all our contemporary possibilities do and how?

House in a Urban Jungle-Dreimeta-04-1 Kindesign

Success: The character of the home is preserved and it’s personality and skills have been developed.

House in a Urban Jungle-Dreimeta-05-1 Kindesign

House in a Urban Jungle-Dreimeta-06-1 Kindesign

House in a Urban Jungle-Dreimeta-07-1 Kindesign

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Dreimeta was founded by Armin Fischer. His team of creative minds works on international projects and on local or regional tasks alike. Dreimeta’s aim is to create rooms with their own identity and character. Our approach: to add an emotional appeal to the room – with interior design that tells tales and touches your senses. But we are no dreamers. Functionality is always part of our concept and sometimes leads to unexpected design solutions.

Most of our tasks originate from the hotel and gastronomy industry or shop/office design concepts. Time and again we take on work for private clients. The Dreimeta network is interdisciplinary; depending on our task, we call in further specialists to work with us in mutual collaboration. A cross-over of architects, interior designers, gastronomes, designers, marketing experts and psychologists bring the necessary input for individual solutions with a different outcome each time. Our promise: we use our ideas for a courageous interpretation and fortification of our client’s identity and philosophy.

Photos: Dreimeta / Armin Fischer

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