10 Classic DIY home improvement fails

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If you’re thinking about embarking on a DIY home renovation mission, make sure you think long and hard before taking the plunge. Despite how easy the smiling home makeover TV host makes it seem, the reality is that DIY can be far more complicated than it looks. Careful planning is the key to success and without it; you could end up facing on of these classic DIY disasters!

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 Blowing the budget

When undergoing DIY projects, it’s easy to get carried away with all the excitement of adding a fancy new addition to your home. While a steel roll top bathtub and marble kitchen bench tops may have seemed like a good idea at the time, many people end up fainting with shock when they see their monthly credit card bill.

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 Taking the wrong measurements

There’s no DIY fail more frustrating than taking the wrong measurements. Not only is this mistake time consuming but it can also cost you a huge amount of cash.

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Buying the wrong fittings

Acts such as buying a pair of pillar taps for a basin designed for a single mixer are a classic DIY fail. Buying unsuitable shower hoses and piping is also a DIY disaster. If you’re a bathroom renovation novice, it’s best to keep things as simple as possible. Rather than fumble around with multiple fittings, why not consider an electric shower that efficiently heats water with a no fuss internal element? Simple, effective and easy to install!

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 Underestimating the cost

Not taking the time to draw up a budget is a one way road to DIY catastrophe. If you run out of cash halfway through your project, there’s not much you can do but live in a building site. As such, it pays to get a good idea of what you’ll need to spend before starting the DIY process.

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 Choosing a short-lived theme

While you may have loved lime green at the time, chances are that in a few months, you’re not going to be so fond of your gaudy colored walls. The same goes for that hot pink refrigerator and vibrant patterned carpet. These are some of the biggest mistakes DIY renovators make and the best advice we can offer is to try and keep your colour scheme as neutral and inoffensive as possible.

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 Misjudging scale

That majestic fireplace may have looked amazing in the show room but in reality, it’s more than likely going to dwarf your small scale living room and look ridiculous. As such, it’s a good idea to draw up some 3D models or use chalk to map out how big features are going to be and what they’re going to look like.

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 Not seeking approval

When it comes to outdoor DIY projects, many people don’t realize that they often need council permission. A visit from a local inspector while you’re halfway through constructing your new summer pergola could end in tears.

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 Scrimping on quality

While it’s advisable to save money wherever possible, this philosophy doesn’t always apply. If you skimp on things that are going to get a lot of use, you could end up having to replace them after just a few months.

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 Using dubious tools

At the end of the day, an adequate set of tools is a DIY essential. Those that try to use the wrong tool for the job risk the success of their project and their own safety!

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 Being too hasty

When you’ve knocked down a wall or drilled a huge hole into a tile, there’s no going back. This can be a nightmare when you realize that your measurements were wrong or you decide that you want your shower installed on the other side of the bathroom.

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Keeping these 10 simple DIY disaster examples in mind will help ensure your next DIY project is smart, safe and successful!

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