Spotlight on glass: How it is used for home design

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Those passionate about great design features around the home will appreciate the texture and look of using glass in your home. It is a wonderful material that is able to balance as well as contrast other pieces, and also has a way of playing with both natural and artificial lighting. If you want to discover a bit more about the various ways of using glass, read on and find out how you could incorporate it within your own home. You are sure to end up with a beautifully modern interior.

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Statement windows

The best place to start is from the outside looking in – this is something done through the means of windows. There are many shapes and sizes available within the marketplace, but those that are the most memorable are the ones that are slightly different from the rest. For example, these shaped windows really add an extra edge to what would otherwise be a regular doorframe. Other great ideas include windows that straddle two floors of the house, or take up almost an entire wall.

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Stunning staircases

Assuming you do not have small children in the house, a glass staircase could add the fairy tale touch to your abode. These look really futuristic, and immediately give the effect of wealth and success due to their appearance in celebrity pads. Not only that, but they help to create a feeling of a more open space, something that cannot often be achieved with a regular staircase.

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Sparkling partitions

Another way to use glass within the home is as a partition between rooms. This can be an effective way at maintaining the level of natural light, without using a full wall or opaque material. There are many options available here as you can choose clear glass, or opt for something that has a frosted appearance or other type of texture.

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 Wonderful sculptures

Of course, glass doesn’t just need to be used for the basic elements of the home, as it can also be used to good effect in the form of decoration. One of the most striking ways to achieve this is through sculptures, which are generally mounted on top of a glossy piece of granite or similar stone. There are also freestanding sculptures that you can look for if you prefer something less bulky.

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 Minimalistic furniture

You can also seek out certain pieces of furniture that are created with the medium of glass. Popular examples include coffee tables, dining tables and even certain chairs. Many of these items are often made in conjunction with metal to really bring the effect of minimalism to the forefront of design. There are of course many pieces in the market meaning there should be something to suit your budget.

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 Comfortable conservatories

Finally, it is likely that you will have seen many conservatories in the past, but some simply stand out from the rest. Those that are able to use glass to the best effect often look more impressive than their basic counterparts, and also make them more ideal for the perfect suntrap.

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