Modern family home in Sydney by Tony Owen Architects

Kerr House-Tony Owen Architects-01-1 Kindesign

Kerr House has been designed as a modern family home by Tony Owen Architects, located close to Tamarama beach in Sydney, Australia and enjoys spectacular views of the beach from the upper level. The client sought a minimal light beach house. The existing house had a lush tropical garden at the rear. The architects sought to preserve this garden and focus the house so that it opened onto the garden as a large outdoor room which would be an extension of the living area.

The design is structured around a timber spine wall running along the southern boundary. The new house hangs off this wall. The house opens up to the rear with a large cantilevered concrete wing extending outwards to the garden. This creates solar protection and also extends the space into the garden. The remainder of the house is clad in timber battens and glass louvers to maximize natural ventilation. There is a large central glass enclosure in the middle of the house where the main stair is located. This atrium provides light to the center of the house.

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The house was designed according to the principles of passive sustainable design. It uses natural materials such as timber. The central atrium and extensive use of glass louvers maximize natural ventilation and the use of large overhangs promote sun shading. The use of expansive upper deck areas maximize the use of spatial flow and integration with the site.

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The house has 3 bedrooms and a family room upstairs, it has an open plan living, dining and kitchen on the lower level with separate bedroom/study, laundry and guest bathroom on the lower level.

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The external – beach house’ feel of the house is typical of the area. As time goes on, the untreated external timber battens will grey to reflect a weathered sea-side feel.

Kerr House-Tony Owen Architects-11-1 Kindesign

The house has a sophisticated and luxurious feel but was realized for around $1mil, which is considered modest for this area.

Photos: Courtesy of Tony Owen Architects

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