Victorian charm integrated with creative urban design

Leichardt Addition-Rolf Ockert-01-1 Kindesign

This beautiful contemporary home has undergone a complete overhaul in Leichhardt, a suburb of Sydney, Australia by Rolf Ockert Design. With a two-story addition to the existing home, the site is located in a heritage conservation area. Being in one of the few streets in the Inner West Sydney that are still largely original in their streetscape, any alteration or addition was bound to be somewhere between controversial and impossible.

Being only about 100 square meters in size, the existing free-standing house was far too small for its intended use as a home for a young family with children. The only way to accommodate the intended brief was to build a two storey addition, something that did not exist in the area. After long negotiations with the planning department who told the architects that the scheme was not approvable, the project was called to a full council meeting. The mayor acknowledged that old houses like this one were too small to be sufficient as family homes these days and instead of increasing the floor plan to decrease outdoor living space, adding a second storey was promoted as the best approach.

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The architects approach was to maintain and preserve the existing house in its entirety while designing the addition to be visibly modern. This was in the end supported by council’s planning and heritage departments. Their only requests were to change the color of the addition from white to gum tree grey (to match an existing tree on site) and to prevent overlooking into neighboring sites.

Leichardt Addition-Rolf Ockert-03-1 Kindesign

The latter resulted in high level slot windows to the side laneway, thus allowing tree and sky views whilst still maintaining privacy. These slots then became a major design feature that was then continued in the pattern on the side facade.

Leichardt Addition-Rolf Ockert-04-1 Kindesign

The site was very narrow, meaning that the internal layout of the building had to be organized very simply. The linear stairs are not placed in line with the existing corridor of the old house but on the other side of the extension. As a result the relatively small space reads to be quite generous.

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To facilitate ease of construction whilst maintaining integrity of the original building, the existing house was kept completely intact and largely untouched. A glass side strip and rooflights were inserted between the old and the new, not only clearly defining the two but also bringing light into the core of the house.

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