Savvy home with salvaged design aesthetic in Dallas

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Caruth Home is a beautiful rustic family home situated in the University Park area of Dallas, Texas, designed by general contractor Kevin Key of Key Residential. The client requested that the contractor re-create a century old design aesthetic to a spacious home built in the 1980’s, comprised of 4,500 square feet with five bedrooms and four bathrooms. The homeowner’s wished to have a collected look, wanting a comfortable home to enjoy with their extended family, three adult children and two grandchildren. After searching everywhere for the perfect antique accents, salvaged materials and unique color treatments, the contractor managed to create a harmonious environment full of warmth and luxury. The home’s interiors appear to have been put together over decades. Most of the decorative items were found by the owners of the home who worked closely with interior designer Becci Meier to achieve the desired aesthetic they were looking for.

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The property’s landscape revolves around a mature red oak tree pictured above, with a custom designed fountain in front of it. The fountain is a re-purposed Louisiana sugar kettle, which is used for making sugar. A dry creek bed running from the street all the way up to the front of the home was turned into a beautiful walkway… talk about nice curb appeal!

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The interiors of the home feature plaster walls in creams and beiges that are in warm tones, adding lightness to the spaces. The living room features a blue pine clad ceiling with faux wood beams, adding warmth to the space. The majority of the furnishings decorating the interiors were carried over from the homeowner’s prior residence.

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The custom oak cabinetry was given an aged aesthetic with the use of multi-layers of paint that were scraped off, while an umber pigment was added to help complete the aged effect.

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In keeping with the salvaged aesthetic of the home, wooden doors conceal a refrigerator on one side of the kitchen and a full size freezer on the other. A custom designed table in the center of the room and an antique chandelier is in keeping with the unique hand-made style that the home portrays.

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The master bedroom features a beautiful stone fireplace and soaring ceilings with exposed structural beams that adds a really nice aesthetic to the space. The contractor wanted to give them a rough-hewn, weathered appearance, so the beams were not only distressed but had a thickening agent applied to them after they were painted.

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The master bedroom opens to an en-suite bathroom through salvaged doors that were sourced from a flea market.

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The master bath vanity features custom cabinets using the same technique of scraping paint that was applied in the kitchen, but in this space the contractor applied hues of periwinkle mixed with white. The countertop features an eye-catching soapstone which is very complimentary to the farmhouse sink, giving it an overall rustic appeal.

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The antique bathtub was sourced from a reclaimed fixture shop and refinished to fit the design aesthetic of the space. Above the bathtub, adding a nice focal point to the space, is a salvaged stained glass window, which was distressed and given a custom framing.

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A patio that was original to the home was turned into a sunroom with the addition of expansive sliding glass widows and a multi-folding door system.

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At the rear of the property, a portion of the attached garage was converted into a convenient poolside cabana. The clients requested that the cabana be given a time worn aesthetic, so a wavy cedar siding was incorporated into the design.

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An outdoor kitchen features custom cabinetry that has the same custom paint scraping as in the interiors of the home. The cabinets are topped with a concrete countertop, very durable for use outdoors. The kitchen comes complete with a gas grill, retro fridge and a freestanding sink that features vintage metal legs, creating a warm and weathered aesthetic to this cozy outdoor space.

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A cozy outdoor living space next to the grill features a cabinet with a flat screen television that is concealed by doors that were a flea market find. Adjacent to a gate that leads out to the garden are vertical wall planters that contain an herb garden. String lights hanging from the ceiling creates a nice ambiance in the evening time, while a ceiling fan keeps everyone cool in the hot Texas summer months.

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 Photos: LAIR Architectural + Interior Photography

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