Industrial eclectic Brooklyn loft of Alina Preciado

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This industrial-eclectic loft is the home of designer and artist Alina Preciado and her two cats, situated in a 1800s industrial building in the Fort Greene neighborhood of Brooklyn, New York. The 2,000 square foot loft with one bedroom and one bathroom mixes old and new pieces together, with findings that Preciado has picked up from her travels to places like Japan, Spain, India and the Middle East. The designer imports handmade goods for her business, Dar Gitane. “Dar” is Arabic for “home” and “gitane” is French for “gypsy”, which sums up Preciado’s personality. The loft was originally a woodshop, which has divots and scratches on the flooring, which has been preserved for its history.

The loft features an incredible flow with an open and airy floor plan, huge windows and high ceilings that keeps the space well lit. The home also has a hammock which Preciado spends a lot of time on, as well as a trapeze bar, perfect for stretching. The living room was a vintage leather sofa from the 1960s, the leaning ladder was obtained from a warehouse. The living area also has a large wood-burning stove with a double-insulated chimney, which is in keeping with the industrial theme as well as providing plenty of warmth in the winter months. A neat tip that Preiado does with her stove is place citrus peels on top and left the smell permeate through the home.

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Collected pieces from around the world are displayed in the apartment, like this hundred-year-old metal incense burner from Morocco that sits on one of three metal tables bought in the Middle East. Preciado likes to burn sage in it.

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Storage is tough to find in a New York City apartment, so Preciado built this storage space with a sleeping loft on top.

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Preciado created a walled-off bedroom with curtains that lets sunshine in or can be closed for privacy.

Dar Gitane- Alina Preciado-16-1 Kindesign

An interesting piece of art adorns the wall of this bedroom which has been crafted from human hair by Preciado.

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Small touches makes a place feel like home, like what is on display here. A perfect example of Preciado’s design philosophy of mixing new, old, found and designed objects under a collection of cloches.

Dar Gitane- Alina Preciado-23-1 Kindesign

Dar Gitane- Alina Preciado-24-1 Kindesign

Dar Gitane- Alina Preciado-25-1 Kindesign

The worktable was from the previous owner’s woodshop, fitting perfectly with Preciado’s style. The table has a ¼-inch-thick steel top, perfect for designing, since they are so sturdy, durable and flat.

Dar Gitane- Alina Preciado-26-1 Kindesign

One of the first things Preciado brought back for Dar Gitane was a grouping of one-of-a-kind teapot, which she now displays on open shelves in the kitchen.

Dar Gitane- Alina Preciado-27-1 Kindesign

Preciado preserved these 90-year-old leather dining chairs with the right conditioning, bringing them back to their original luster.

Dar Gitane- Alina Preciado-28-1 Kindesign

Preciado’s style extends tothisa spacious bathroom, where she includes simple touches from her travels. The bathtub is an architectural salvage. Preciado’s biggest design tip was to “introduce products into your home that are soulful”. Surround yourself with things that are not only beautiful but useful.

Photos: Chris A. Dorsey

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