Segera Retreat nestled on Kenyan wildlife sanctuary

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Segera Retreat is the new Wilderness Safari’s property set in a wildlife sanctuary on the Laikipia Plateau, Kenya, East Africa. The retreat consists of eight villas, five of which are raised on wooden decks comprising one bedroom with en-suite bathroom and have an outside deck. Beneath each Villa lies an outside lounge and comfortable swing-bed. As the name suggests, the property is a place to relax and unwind; there is a gym here, wellness center and a theater. There is also the largest private collection of African art in the world.

Six timber and thatch villas are raised above a carpet of botanical life in the Segera “Oasis” with its sculpture garden. Each has an elevated wooden platform, which looks out onto the surrounding savannah and swing beds below providing the perfect shaded place for some midday relaxation as well as for a night out under the stars, surrounded by the sounds of Africa. The gracious Segera House and perfectly positioned Villa Segera boast similarly spectacular views and even greater privacy and luxury. They run on solar energy and water is sustainably harvested and recycled. The villas gaze out over the Laikipia Plateau towards the spectacular Mount Kenya.

Within the privacy of the villas, a large bedroom and en-suite bathroom fill the upstairs space under timber trusses. A private sun deck in the garden offers comfortable sun loungers for soaking up the African sun, while a Jacuzzi bath, sunk into the deck outside the bedroom, offers a unique vantage point. Each villa includes in its décor original, individually selected paintings and other art from a range of Africa’s most inspiring artists.

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Photos: Courtesy of Segera

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