Beautiful country-chic home in the South of Spain

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This beautiful house, spotted on Mi Casa, belongs to an English couple, who moved to live in the South of Spain with their children years ago, attracted by the climate and the Andalusian charm. After living for a time in the center of the Malaga village of Gaucín, in the region of Serrania de Ronda, they decided to isolate a bit and go live on the outskirts, more in contact with nature. Situated on sloping ground, both the house and the garden were projected to take account of that unevenness.

On the ground floor is a hall with stairs to the first floor and a bedroom with bathroom, for the children to use when they come to visit. The spacious open plan dining room and kitchen enjoy plenty of natural light, with a wall of large French doors that opens to a verandah. From this room is access to the living room and the master bedroom with bathroom. The walls in white, combined with grey according to the rooms, and the various floor treatments, which mark the transition between environments.

Decoration in general is inspired by traditional Spanish architecture mixed with the influence of Moroccan style which the owners love. Spaces are infused with exotic and colorful materials and textures, as well as Andalusian crafts; a blend that gives an irresistible naturalness and freshness. The outside emphasizes a porch with built-in seating, circular table and armchairs, which is perfect for gatherings or to fully enjoy the contact with nature.

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