37 Most incredible Zen-inspired interiors

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If you’re looking for some inspiration on infusing your home with Zen design, we have put together a collection for you that will get your creative juices flowing. Zen design will give you your space a tranquil and relaxing atmosphere, which is exactly what you want went you come home from a stressful day at work and need to unwind. Zen design ideas have been inspired from Japanese interiors, minimalistic interior design and ancient traditions.  Here are some tips to achieve a Zen look in your home. First, you need to select a color palette for your space, try looking to nature to get some ideas. Hues such as off white, beige, sand, tan, warm brown, burnt orange, amber, soft gray, slate, leafy green, jade, cool blue, navy blue, denim blue, mauve. Don’t be afraid to add color to your space, anything can work; it is just a matter of pulling it all together to create a cohesive look. Earthy colors help with relaxation and can uplift your spirits and transport your thought to a peaceful state which can contribute to a deeper imagination and enhanced creativity.

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The preferable type of flooring material would be a hard surface, therefore, timber flooring, bamboo, stone, polished concrete, porcelain tile and slate are all fabulous options. You could select a plush, flat carpet however, be sure that it is devoid of pattern, no fuss.

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The image of this bathroom shows how well balanced a Zen designed should be. Symmetry is often used to create a Zen styled harmonious space.

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Accessorize your space with one or two Asian statues or deities, great leafy plants housed in stunning pots and simple artwork.

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Try to keep your walls bare, or show artwork that has been well placed in synchronization with your space. Flat, smooth paint finished walls look great. It is also possible to select a wallpaper however, this kind of feature would have to be an addition to the tranquility of your room so be careful to select the most agreeable type. You could add a few fabulous, large sized plants into these spaces to add a touch of life and warmth to your design.

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A Zen-inspired home is all about creating a union between the outdoors and indoors. Be on the lookout for furnishings and items that are comprised of natural materials; wood, bamboo, and sea-grass. Ultimately Zen home decor helps you create a peaceful space that you will love to enjoy and that gives you the perfect excuse to relax. Keep in mind that Zen interior design is bound to the simplicity of minimal display of items. Good storage will help you clear your clutter so that beautiful, open, free spaces are formed.

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Try to keep you lighting set to a mid to low level. This will enhance the mood and relaxing atmosphere of your Zen interior design. Diffused lighting, LED strip and concealed lighting would be beneficial components of your design.

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Fresh flowers look great in a Zen room and are the simplest way to bring nature into your home. Place candles around your room and light them in during the evenings to create a feeling of comfort and instill calm to your environment.

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Jason Vest
10 years ago

really nice…yet these spaces cost more than most make in a year

10 years ago

Wow, some absolutely stunning design ideas here. Thank you!