Charming old farmhouse offers refreshing update in Southern Spain

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An old farmhouse was completely renovated by interior designer Mireia Pla, located in the village of Alhaurín el Grande in the Province of Malaga, Andalucía, Southern Spain. This eclectic summer retreat naturally interweaves the rustic essence of the place with a fresh and contemporary design. “We found a rural housing that had an archaic distribution and little use, with small windows and austere finishes,” explains the designer.

The idea was to transform this dwelling into a summer retreat for a family of four living in London, seeking the sun and tranquility of southern Spain. In response to their wishes and needs, an open house was designed, with large windows connecting the interior and exterior, as well as diaphanous spaces that allows social communication. That is why a large part of the first floor was dedicated to a common space that integrates the living room, dining room and a striking kitchen as a backdrop.

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The bedrooms and bathrooms, on the other hand, were distributed over the rest of the floors and in an independent structure, located on the opposing side of the garden. The interior is marked by the wealth of qualities, materials and textures, which were incorporated both structural and decorative.

Many of these elements recall the rural past, the case of stone walls, cane furniture and floors, made entirely of polished cement, while the seats and many of the lamps reflects a contemporary note. Additionally, the design team added notes of color and furniture that reflects an ethnic aesthetic that, like the slender palms of the garden, brings us the memory of nearby Africa.

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Ideas of the Interior: There are many design elements that update and add a burst of freshness. They emphasize the new stone walls, the MicroCement (cement and quartz based lining with thin color and soft, smooth finish that is ideal for modern spaces) that covers the floors and the huge windows that surrounds the house.

The program called for a social zone. In the main structure, living spaces facilitates leisure and communication of the family. This space, which integrates living room, dining room and kitchen, opens completely to the pool area thanks to a large folding wall of windows that is fully collected on one side.

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What We Love: This old farmhouse has been transformed into a bright and airy retreat to enjoy spending time with family and friends. From stylish interior details to the sliding glass walls that creates a seamless indoor-outdoor connection, there is so much to admire in this lovely renovation project. The outdoor living spaces are just as chic, offering relaxing areas to enjoy the property’s wonderful surroundings… Readers, what are your thoughts, any notable details that stand out to you?

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Photos: Courtesy of Mireia Pla Interiors

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6 years ago

Updated? Dated more like it & sooner than you might think. Where is the ‘charm’ gone – if this house ever had any?