Warehouse style home in Melbourne: Quilted House

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We just received photos from one of our reader’s home’s, Natasha of Fat Shack Vintage, an online retailer of unique vintage and industrial light fixtures based out of Australia. Her home is now officially one of our favorites that we have posted here on 1 Kindesign. Designed by Natasha and her husband, the dwelling is chalk full of character and charm and the exterior is just as intriguing as the interior. We could go on and on about how fabulous this home is, but instead we will let Natasha take it away from here:

“We have quite an unusually designed warehouse style home in Prahran, Melbourne, Australia.  It is 240 square meters of internal space spread across three levels with two outdoor entertaining areas. The locals call it the ‘Quilted House’ as the outside is pressed aluminum and looks like a quilt has been thrown over the front of the house. We recently had renovations done to the bedrooms and bathrooms as well as a renowned street artist named Reka put up a mural on the side wall (Reka is a part of the group ‘Ever Fresh‘ who had a residency last year at the ACMI gallery) and the piece and house attracts quite a bit of attention and photographs!

I like to think that the internal decor is equally as interesting and would describe our decorating style as vintage eclectic featuring an Asian twist with a pinch of industrial. The photos describe it far better than I ever could though. We have a love of all things vintage and have been collecting pieces in our travels for quite some time. My husband and I own and operate our own business called Fat Shack Vintage, which is an online retailer of vintage industrial styled lighting and home decor.

Fat Shack Vintage also sells a selection of genuine vintage furniture which is how we have accumulated a lot of the pieces in the home. It’s always hard to say no when you come across a really interesting vintage find! Between decorating our home and the office I’m surprised there is actually anything ever left to sell!”

What do you think of Natasha’s incredible home, please leave comments below, we would love to hear what you think!

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Photos: Natasha, Fat Shack Vintage

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