How to keep a large family home clutter free with ease

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Sometimes the more space you have, the more difficult it is to keep on top of clutter. However, it can be done – just follow these simple tips.

Start as you mean to go on

If you are determined to banish clutter from your life for ever, the first step is clearing out anything you no longer want or need. Then you will be able to organize what’s left.

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Try and sell, donate, recycle or throw away anything that you or your family hasn’t used or worn for a year or longer. If you have hoarders in the family, this may be more difficult. However, if they haven’t made use of something for over a year they probably won’t notice if something disappears!

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Archive things

Keep your living areas free of clutter by ‘archiving’ things that are rarely used but which you would like to access in future. Baby clothes and toys, for example, can be kept in the loft in vacuum storage bags to save space and protect them from dust and insects. Winter duvets and sweaters can also be stored this way in summer months.

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Storage boxes

Once you have cleared out some clutter, make use of easy-to-use storage solutions to organize the things you need on a daily basis.

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 For families with young children, large storage and toy boxes are invaluable. Once the kids are in bed, the task of tidying up toys and reclaiming the living room is much easier if you have large storage boxes to pop everything in.

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Magazine racks

For families with older children, magazine racks can help keep you sane. ‘Doctor Who adventures’ and ‘Girl Talk’ can sit together happily in a magazine rack beside the sofa, alongside mum and dad’s magazines, catalogues and newspapers.

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Coat hooks

 If you don’t have enough coat hooks, you can guarantee kids and guests will leave their coats draped over the backs of chairs or on the stairs. Invest in more hooks or a coat stand to get the coats out of the way for good!

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Shoe racks

If you are forever tripping over shoes, train your family to use a shoe rack or shoe tidy. Attractive shoe racks with four or five tiers can now be found, so everyone in the family can have their own shelf.

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 Filing cabinets

Filing cabinets are a great buy for modern families, helping you store and organize documents, certificates, letters, receipts, school reports, drawings and any other important pieces of paper.

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Wastepaper bins

Finally, one of the best ways to keep your home free from clutter is to make sure every room has a wastepaper bin. If children (and many adults) have to travel to another room to throw away rubbish, the chances are they won’t! Keep bins near and handy, and you will be one step closer to achieving a clutter-free home.

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6 years ago

I need the link to the photo/tutorial for the basement storage shelves. Thanks.

One Kindesign
6 years ago
Reply to  Diane

Hi Diane, the construction company that made these basement storage shelves does not have a tutorial. However, I researched for you something similar, please email me at onekindesign@gmail.com if you need any further assistance. Please click on the title to go to the link: How to Build Inexpensive Basement Storage Shelves

Ira Thor
8 years ago

Do you have instructions on how to make the basement corner shelving? that would be prefect for my house…