Bold and colorful 65 square meters flat in São Paulo

Sao Paulo Apartment-01-1 Kind Design

This ultra-funky apartment in Sao Paulo, Brazil is chalk full of color which helps to make everything seem so much larger. Spotted on Casa, this small living space is only 700 square feet (65 square meters) but with an abundance of light and color, the home feels spacious and cozy. This combination is the big hit of this interior project, which was carried out by the architect and designer Adriana Yazbek. The apartment was originally compartmentalized, which made the rooms dark and unlivable. Adriana opened one of the two rooms and joined to the living room, organizing the office. The door was taken out of the bedroom and exchanged with a curtain to add privacy and separate the space. The flooring was replaced with wood in the dry areas and blue cement in the kitchen and colorful tiling in the bathroom.

Sao Paulo Apartment-02-1 Kind Design

Sao Paulo Apartment-03-1 Kind Design

Sao Paulo Apartment-04-1 Kind Design

Sao Paulo Apartment-05-1 Kind Design

Sao Paulo Apartment-06-1 Kind Design

Sao Paulo Apartment-07-1 Kind Design

Sao Paulo Apartment-08-1 Kind Design

Sao Paulo Apartment-09-1 Kind Design

Photos: Marco Antonio

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