40 m2 Flat in Budapest by Suto Interior Architects

40 m2 Flat-01-1 Kind Design

The 40 m2 flat in Budapest Hungary was designed by Suto Interior Architects in Budapest, Hungary. The design concept given by the client was to rebuild a flat, which was before used by an older generation, to modernize for well-organized bachelors. The architects used smart, cool solutions with masculine colors and use of materials. The spaces are leading and reflecting to each other, the flat is only 430 square feet (40 square meters) all together, but feels much more spacious.

Every interior detail is prepared with meticulous care and has a function. Because of the “put the space into space” design concept there are no unnecessary walls and hallways. The furniture has the function of separating different areas. Surfaces are used for storing everywhere, systems of drawers, shelves and storage units, which were customized and designed to suit the life style of the client. Their surfaces are uniformly painted grey throughout the whole flat.

40 m2 Flat-02-1 Kind Design

The wall is covered with grey “Elitis” wallpaper. It is also used to intensify the muscular character of the living room area. In the forefront is a Flos Toio lamp from 1962, which could be defined as an artwork. A painting is from a Hungarian contemporary artist, Zsuzsi Csiszér with the Vitra Suita sofa of Antonio Citterio fills and creates this space. They both reflect to the sensitivity of the owner, their presence is unquestionable.

40 m2 Flat-03-1 Kind Design

40 m2 Flat-04-1 Kind Design

The living room and the kitchen are separated by a glass wall, which holds the television and the air conditioning as well. Its elegant style is softened and linked with the grey surfaces by colorful Kristalia bar chairs.

40 m2 Flat-05-1 Kind Design

40 m2 Flat-06-1 Kind Design

40 m2 Flat-07-1 Kind Design

40 m2 Flat-08-1 Kind Design

40 m2 Flat-09-1 Kind Design

40 m2 Flat-10-1 Kind Design

40 m2 Flat-11-1 Kind Design

The home office is located at the light end of the kitchen, in its front a high table functions to stop us from looking inside. Placing the home office here was necessary to be able to keep the space airy and elegantly ordered in the living room. The home office and the kitchen blend into each other. It is not clear where one ends and the other begins.

40 m2 Flat-12-1 Kind Design

The bedroom is both calm and pulsating. A darker grey, retro and a Tom Dixon table lamp define its milieu.

40 m2 Flat-13-1 Kind Design

The different shades of grey are completed with rustic oak parquet.

40 m2 Flat-14-1 Kind Design

40 m2 Flat-15-1 Kind Design

40 m2 Flat-16-1 Kind Design

40 m2 Flat-17-1 Kind Design

The boiler and the washing-drying machine are hidden behind a door, which can slide into the wall. The Mirage Nolita surfaces imitating concrete and the tube lights running from the mirror to the ceiling make the open bathroom look so cool.

40 m2 Flat-18-1 Kind Design

There is no classical bathroom. This function is fulfilled by a tall spacious sink and built shower in an area which is cut out off from the common spaces.

40 m2 Flat-19-1 Kind Design

40 m2 Flat-20-1 Kind Design

Photos: Zsolt Batar

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