Publishing house transformed into charming home

This successful reform was to adapt a modernist apartment in Barcelona, Spain to the lifestyle of the 21st century by Studio MINIM. What seemed to be an advantage, the floor was in a typical building in downtown Barcelona with modernist structural elements, which became the main difficulty. The challenge was to adapt to the needs of a family without altering the buildings architectural peculiarities, which was originally the headquarters of the editorial Icaria.

“We should do a respectful intervention until such point that, at the end of the reform, it seems that we had not done anything, except paint white and put in contemporary furniture”, states the designer. Although difficult, the designers achieved its purpose. Despite works, the floor maintains intact the high ceilings, with fine moldings and original plaster rosettes of the house. On the floor, tiles are repeated in a delicate floral composition throughout the entire house. Woodworking exhibits shutters, latches and panels in perfect condition. Interior doors transform natural light in a multicolored arc iris thanks to their tinted leaded crystals.

The house was also given modern updates, achieved with the distribution of the spaces. The entrance to the home was created in the middle, with a hallway that acts as an axis and divides the house into two areas, public and private spaces. A spacious living room is in the center of the home from which you can access the kitchen through a double sliding door. The private spaces are comprised of the children’s bedrooms and a spacious master bedroom with bathroom, dressing room and private library.

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11 years ago

I love the grey chaise lounge chair… Where is it from??