Nineteenth century restored barn in the Catskills

The Bovina Residence is a stunning timber frame home from a nineteenth century barn that has been restored and raised on a new site in the Catskills, New York. Designed by kimberly peck architect, the goal of this project was to build a house that would be energy efficient using materials that were both economical and environmentally conscious. Due to the extremely cold winter weather conditions in the Catskills, insulating the house was a primary concern. The entirety of the timber frame has been wrapped in SIPs (structural insulated panels), both walls and the roof.

The 1,945 square foot house sits on a poured concrete slab with a radiant heating system inside and the top of the slab was polished and left exposed as the flooring surface. Fiberglass windows were chosen for their green properties. The house utilizes an air exchanger, a device that brings fresh air in from outside without losing heat and circulates the air within the house to move warmer air down from the second floor.

Additional green materials used in the home include reclaimed barn wood used for the floor and ceiling of the second floor, reclaimed wood stairs and bathroom vanity, and an on-demand hot water/boiler system. The exterior of the house is clad in black corrugated aluminum with an aluminum standing seam roof. Because of the extremely cold winter temperatures windows are used discerningly, the three largest windows are on the first floor providing the main living areas with a majestic view of the Catskill Mountains.

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