Stunning chalet with British accents in Madrid

The furnishings and the spatial conception of this house spotted on Mi Casa are the reflection of the tastes and customs of their owners, a Spaniard who has spent half a lifetime in United States and Great Britain and her husband, of Swedish origin. After a long search, the couple found their ideal space to live in the heart of Madrid, two small cottages, which have been transformed into a luminous and comfortable house with the help of architect Luis Ester Butragueño.

The two residences were joined together to create larger more spacious rooms. The ground floor consists of the lounge, library, kitchen and dining room that communicate with each other by way of sliding and accordion doors. On the first level, a corridor leads to the guest room and the rest of the family bedrooms.

In terms of decoration, the owners personally chose the furnishings, upholstery and accessories with a British accent. The idea was to infuse brightness into all the rooms with a base of neutral tones, which is an influence of the Nordic countries. Sculptures and pictures become more important in the interior due to the hobby and the direct contact that the owner has in his work with the art world. The result is a home that exudes personality.

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