Retro-chic dwelling features sparkling holiday decor

A few steps away from Madrid, Spain’s Retiro Park is this special house featuring beautiful interior details, spotted on Mi Casa. The original structure has been historically preserved, which highlights the emphatic presence of a solid platform of great beauty and staggered openings of some large windows decorated with mouldings. The quaint home features antique and vintage finds creating a unique decoration designed by the owner of the home.

His passion for travel coupled with the attraction of flea market finds creates a special environment. With a classic taste and his love of the collections, each piece of furniture, seat or embellishment creates an ideal setting. Mixing styles creates this retro-chic style, where eclecticism becomes a conductive thread between spaces. Solid wood, chairs metal, aged leather, methacrylate, crystal, etc., dominate equally in interior design. A passion for furniture and objects of the past is evident, where even new furnishings were chosen with an antiqued finish.

The bedrooms are also infused by the charm of the markets mixed with pieces from distant countries. The kitchen and the bathroom, on the other hand, are the most modern rooms of the house, with new fittings, updated appliances and current furnishings of straight lines and simple appearance as well as easy maintenance. Currently this property can be rented through http://www.ivoryescapes.com.

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