Amazing sustainable hotel in Mexico: TuboHotel

The TuboHotel is an eco-friendly destination spot which came out of the need of having an inexpensive room for users. Made from recycled concrete pipes, the hotel was designed by T3arc in the outskirts of Tepoztl√°n, Mexico, with excellent panoramic views of the Sierra del Tepozteco. Located in a wooded setting of unusual features, the surrounding environment provides a unique natural environment.

The goal was to have the ability to build a fast and affordable hotel that offered lodging for Tepoztlan tourist. With a projection of 20 rooms, the first modules were built. The rooms (tubes) were placed in three modules stacked on top of each other to gain as much space as possible.

T3arc was commissioned to do a general plan and build the first three tubocretos modules then Tubohotel administration was responsible for building the remaining modules. The order of the tubes is random with respect to the topography. Construction took place over a period of three months.

Photos: Luis Gordoa

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