Dwelling in the forest with charming details

Sixteen Doors House is a beautiful project nestled in a forested area in rural Upstate New York designed by studio Incorporated Architecture & Design. The home features glazing on the two long sides of the structure, the small 1,350 square foot interior is literally “in” the landscape. The absolute limits of wood frame construction are realized without the use of any steel with the lateral stability of the structure facilitated by four feet of solid wall only on the extreme ends of the building. The central core of the home has been designed around the social structure of the inhabitants, with an open plan concept for the living, dining and kitchen areas with baths and utilities providing a buffer and privacy for the two bedrooms that flank the “great” room. The charming interiors are bright and airy, with bursts of color throughout mixed with rustic details that seem to blend effortlessly with modern decor and intriguing artwork.

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