Impressive Majorcan house in the mountains

Surrounded by a mountainous landscape in Mallorca, Spain, this contemporary home, spotted on Nuevo Estilo, has been designed by architect, Miguel Ángel Lacomba in conjunction with LF91 as project manager. The exceptional location, facing the valley that surrounds the cala Sant Vicenç, required the architects to consider the environment when constructing the home, looking for views at all times as a reference.
The architect explains, “interior spaces are related abroad strongly involving the rocky environment and the spacious panoramic.” In this sense floor to ceiling glass walls replace the walls on the facade towards the sea and in addition, fill the rooms with light, further enhancing the dominance of white. Public spaces were designed to be open to create light and spaciousness.

In these interiors of clean lines and current concepts, decoration plays a fundamental role to clarify and bring warmth, without betraying the philosophy of construction. Colorful carpets with ethnic or natural fibers, ultra-comfortable sofas, wooden tables and textured fabrics, are mixed with classic design pieces, vintage pieces and accessories. As a touch of stellar effect, the views and the Mediterranean light, ever-present in every environment, dominates all the attention.

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