Luxury paradise retreat: Ponta do Toque Toque

Ponta do Toque Toque is a tranquil paradise, encircled by lush vegetation and sparkling sands, situated just outside the colonial town of Paraty in Brazil. The estate encompasses 40,000 square meters and incorporates three separate houses, Casa do Jardim (The House in the Garden), Casa da Praia (The House over the Beach) and Casa da Vista (The House in the Trees). Every house provides spacious, comfortable and private accommodation, which is integrated into the natural plantation. One of the most well-known birds is called ‘Tie Sangué’ which is the symbol of the estate. The owners are committed to careful conservation of the local environment. The surrounding trees have been preserved, allowing birds and other animals to remain in their natural habitat.

The interior design and building materials were also made with the same eco-friendly care. The building structure for each house is of eucalyptus, the ceilings are covered with bamboo and the furniture has been specially designed and manufactured with raw materials and recycled wood. All of the houses include six spacious bedroom suites with verandas and double living rooms with a fireplace. The facilities includes, private beach with shower and beach cabana, natural waterfall and pond an independent games room, private helicopter pad and a swimming pool situated just outside of ‘The House in the Trees’.

Rates for this beautiful vacation villa vary depending on the season from $1,734 to 3,112 per day, from here.

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