Crescent House with fabulous views of Mt. Fuji

Crescent House is a vacation home located on the slope of south Hakone Villa residence area in Atami, Japan. Designed by world renowned Japanese architect Shigeru Ban, the home offers uninterrupted scenic views of Mt.Fuji. Standing in the site, in order not to allow people to look at east, west and south sides, the idea that the crescent-shaped plan which opens up to north corresponding to the site and the cross section which looks like the “C” character( the “U” character which falls down) naturally comes up to mind right away.

In the crescent-shaped plan, there is 1,983 square feet (184 square meters) of living space with two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a living, dining and kitchen area, all arranged by putting furniture and volumes of utility facilities as partitions. The center of the crescent-shaped plan has a huge cantilevered roof since the cross section of that area is the deepest because of used as a living area. Although a column became necessary in order to prevent the roof from bending, a chimney of fireplace is used instead of it.

What do you think of this incredible home we discovered on Sotheby’s International Realty? It is currently listed for sale at $2,258,050 from here.

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Divine BathroomKitchenLaundry
10 years ago

We love the simplistic detail in this crescent-shaped home.


11 years ago

Looking beautiful, Stylish, Sexy house. I wanna to design same for my new house. :)

11 years ago

Very unique house and I love the c structure. Great post! I am looking forward for more unique houses.