Adventurous cottage in the forest for children

This fabulous wood cottage spotted on Mi Casa was built by local craftsmen is located in the mountains of Cantabria, Spain. The owners tailored this home to live a thousand adventures day and night. A large chestnut tree gives shade to this summer house, designed as a playground for children. The cottage stands on a few high pillars and is preserved with a special moisture-resistant treatment. The exterior facade features a large glass wall with sliding doors that allows magnificent views across the valley. Under the catwalk that surrounds the facade that serves as the balcony there is a custom built swing. The roof has been coated with an insulating material, to prevent leaking.

The interiors feature rustic decor with two custom designed trundle beds comprised of wood. With a country-style influence, white and raw are the tones chosen for the bedding. The only colorful additions are the cushions and area rugs. As the space is small, the furniture is light and playful to suit the needs of the children. A small table and a couple of chairs make the space sufficient to promote reading, even during the holidays. There are wall and floor lamps placed near the bed, to allow for proper lighting.

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