Rustic-chic farmhouse in the South of France

This ancient farmhouse of pheasants in the South of France has been beautifully transformed by interior designer Elizabeth López-Quesada. Green meadows and paths of lime trees and chestnuts surround the cabin, whose exterior is composed of eucalyptus wood and cedar shingles. The spectacular garden is comprised of roses, hydrangeas, oaks and jasmine, designed by landscape designer Fernando Caruncho. The outside porch features a living and outdoor dining space, protected from the elements by beams of pine and permits the owners to enjoy the stunning landscape.

Unscripted, spontaneous decisions inspired the decoration of this fabulous home. The interiors feature a rustic-chic look, with recovered corrugated iron from an old chicken coop dressing the walls and ceiling and untreated concrete flooring in the living room. The furnishings are simple, with a look of sophistication like the Artemide lamp. The kitchen is designed in a vintage-chic style with a pine table illuminated by a lamp of industrial air. Other details include chairs of natural fiber, old utensils and a charming sink, that the owner rescued. A large wood cabinet delineates the charming master bedroom from the bathroom and also serves as a backdrop to the gooseneck lamps that contribute light for reading on either side of the bed. The double wash basin in the bathroom has been designed by Isabel. The sculptural, open-curved shower was purchased in Paris. Via

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8 years ago

very beautiful!!!!

9 years ago

So…this design plan was adapted from pheasants’ houses? Love it…snert!