Rustic cabin retreat in Uruguay

This fabulous vacation cabin is located in La Pedrera, a wild region to the north of Uruguay and is owned by Argentine artist Pablo Reinoso. The cabin is composed of two huts that have been united; the original is elevated on wooden stilts to avoid moisture. Much of the family life takes place on the relaxing front porch, shaded by a thatched roof. The Thonet chairs share personal space with other, made in wood and leather. The house has many spots like this, specially designed to enjoy the southern summer. The main lounge has been designed as practical space open to the landscape and with a few elements, a flea market table, an armchair Thonet and a sofa with cotton fabrics from India. The kitchen has been integrated into the landscape, thanks to large windows featuring expansive views and plenty of natural light.

Built with simple vertical trunks placed in varying heights, a ladder allows access from the living room to an attic loft guest bedroom. The guest bedroom features two twin beds dressed with bedspreads from India, protected by a mosquito net. The master bedroom has been minimally designed in white with rustic furnishings of bedside tables armed with tree trunks by Pablo Reinoso. The master bathroom brings in nature with a huge tree trunk that is immersed in the polished cement floor and serves as a heated towel rail. The back of the house features a small porch, fully immersed in the wonderful surroundings. The second hut features a hammock for relaxation that was picked up at a local market. The terrace, located at the top of the second hut, allows the owner’s full enjoyment of views of the Atlantic Ocean. For returns from the beach, a few hundred meters from the house is a platform that has been installed with an artisanal wooden outdoor shower with a simple mirror and a chair. Via

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