Ultra-modern Andalusia beach home

The owners sought out a home for the holidays wishing for a large garden and swimming pool to enjoy with their children in Andalusia. They had a very clear vision of what they wanted something different from the typical beach cottage, which is why they came into contact with architecture studio A-Cero. The single-family home is a contemporary sculpture of cubic and angular forms. Its two heights maintain a fluid dialogue with the outside landscape of Mediterranean vegetation.

The spacious ground floor features two living rooms, kitchen, dining room and home office. The second floor is comprised of a master suite with a private terrace, additional bedrooms with bathrooms and a game room. All the walls are painted white with flooring of polished marble on the inside and hammering on the outside. The majority of the furnishings and upholstery are also white. The reasoning behind this is that white goes with everything and most importantly, does not reflect the natural light, gives sensation of amplitude and creates an excellent basis to introduce pops of color to the furniture such as pillows.

There are few doors in the home, mostly open spaces, which are also open to the outside elements, with environments defined by the distribution of the furniture. In the kitchen, black Silestone countertops contrast from the stark white of the walls providing dynamism to this broad and elongated space. In the master bedroom, the views are superb thanks to the wall of glass that closes the front of the terrace. The children have a room dedicated to games and study, as well as leisure. Most of the furnishings are custom creations of A-Cero, sprinkled with turn of the century design, designer pieces and antiques: a wonderfully balanced cocktail in which every ingredient brings flavor and excitement to the whole. Via

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